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"We wanted a shop where people could come and enjoy a taste, a glass or a bottle with friends and family... a place for special gatherings where wine, food and fellowship and passions could mix."
Bonnie Nolan
Kim Broomhall

Welcome to a Taste of Wine…

Find yourself in the good company of friends and family as you enjoy our selection of fine wines and quality craft beers. You’ll feel right at home in our inviting atmosphere where our wine experts will be on hand to answer your questions. Check out the sights of our new website, but be sure to visit our shop in Historic Downtown Miamisburg to enjoy a taste of wine.

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How to Tell if a Bottle of Wine is BAD

  You open the bottle of wine, pour it into glasses, and take a sip……………………………YUCK!  I’ll never buy this brand again! Did you know that it might be just that bottle and not the brand?  Yep, wine can be bad, it can have flaws……  If … MORE

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